Who we are

Recruitment Specialists

We are experts in our fields and have build an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that exist across Africa.

Tailor-Made Services

Offering a full spectrum of recruitment services, tailor-made to suit the requirements of each individual job and recruitment assignment.

Market Knowledge

As the African markets grow and develop, our skills and expertise simultaneously expand, ensuring that we deliver the best service for both clients and candidates.

Candidate Networks

Our extensive candidate network built up over 8 years comprise of the most diverse, skilled and experienced local, diaspora and expat candidates.

CA Mining is a division of CA Global and specialises in the recruitment of mining professionals for the international mining industry. We have a division focusing exclusively on mining jobs in the Middle East. Our other divisions focus on Asia, Africa and South America.

We recruit mining professionals from a global database to fill expat positions with clients operating in the Middle East. We provide a professional service to both parties and understand and are thus able to manage the expectations of both within the context of the Middle Eastern market.

Resources currently mined in the Middle East include gold, copper, iron ore and phosphate. Industrial minerals are mined in Turkey, a country expected to deliver high return on investment in the near future. Chromium, gypsum and limestone are mined in Oman, and gemstones in Pakistan. The Middle East thus has a varied mining landscape.