Executive Search and Retained headhunting Services

Retained Recruitment Services

CA Mining’s has grown to be effective throughout all industries in Middle East with their search approaches. CA Mining directly contacts each explored candidate confidentially to discover their interest in, and qualifications for, a specific position. CA Mining follows a high degree of integrity and quality on our search approaches, procedures and our end results. CA Mining associate with clients to make certain that the candidates we put forward will be those they want to employ and are successful in meeting their criteria.

Exceptional value due to knowledge of the Middle Eastern cultural fit, operational or cultural gaps of cross Country search is guaranteed by The CA Mining Executive Search and Retained Headhunting team.

CA Mining Clients based in Middle East or internationally with divisions in Middle East are greatly assisted by our matrix search tool structure. CA Mining is exposed to and in contact with the most resources, systems, and associations throughout Middle East and this permits us to understand our clients’ cultures, processes, corporate strategies and industries.

CA Mining pays close attention to International recruitment, in Middle Eastern markets. CA Mining has worked widely within Middle East and thus achieved a specialist standing within the region. Our expertise includes participation in Middle Eastern countries where we have gained in-depth market information and an extensive functional base to provide our clients with the best possible service.

CA Mining have Recruitment expertise in Middle East in the following sectors, Exploration Managers, Drillers, Geologists (All levels), Exploration Managers, Drillers, Geologists (All levels), Environmental, GIS Specialists, Diesel Mechanics, logistics, Financial, Production Manager, Engineering, Minerals Separation Plant Operations, HSE, Planners, Site Managers, Construction Managers, Directors, Metallurgists.